Suns | Special edition set B


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Photosculptures is a name for artworks made by Marieke Matthijs. A photosculpture is photo-print treated with hot oil. Marieke has created several different art series using this technique. Before the first series photosculptures “From freezing to frying” was created, Marieke Matthijs spent years researching the components of the hot oil treatment. She created more than 90 round photosculptures for the series “Suns” especially for the Uit Het Gareel Festival (Oct 2021). Special edition sets are now available in the Uit Het Gareel webshop. The sets are personally selected by the artist herself.

Photography is a well-established form of art, but unlike other forms of art, it lacks a textured depth. In these times of digital photography where photos often don’t leave screens, there is no real physical connection between people and photographs. There are a lot of obvious advantages of digital photography. People always have their photos at hand and sharing images has never been easier. It has also made photography fleeting and people less sensitive to photo prints. Marieke started experimenting with different tools and techniques in order to renew the physical relationship between people and photographs. She started creating textured “Photosculptures” in the hope digitization is not the end-station.

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