The aim of my work is to draw the viewer into imaginative worlds and desires, both mentally and physically. Occupying the field between painting, sculpture, installation, and video, my work allows the viewer to drift into imagination. Bringing together various artistic means and using a multidisciplinary vocabulary, I desire to create a metaphysical space. I invite the viewer to enter a world between reason and emotion, between the material and the immaterial and by doing so I offer room for introspection, curiosity, and playfulness.

Creating is always a learning process. Using different forms of media allows me to study color, shape, and matter. I commence creation by drawing instinctively, tapping directly into the subconscious. Immersed by this visual language I discover my inner dialog, allowing ideas to become tangible and visual. The freedom to play around enables me to create new methods of understanding the concepts that preoccupy me. 

I work with everything that I collect and create, like wood, textile, polyester, metal, and paint. Large-scale works evoke a physical sensation of color and shape. By playing into both the visual and subconscious needs of the viewer, I present themes like play, spirituality, and psychology. The ambiguity of the abstract allows escaping into realms of imagination and association. That is why I create installations and assemblages that play with the connection between the imaginative and the physical.   

Colors can have a psychological effect on the viewer, and it can be enhanced by the visual language that I use, which flows out of intuition and intention. The abstract compositions of both my drawings and installations are inspired by urban architecture and religious buildings alike. I study shape and color as it is presented in nature, and it allows me to develop a universal understanding of visual contemplation. This provides me with a methodology to approach the world around me, the world that is presented in my work.

Instagram: @marinamonism

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