*Dünya will be on holiday from July the 12th until August the 31st. If you order work from Dünya she will be able to send it to you when she got back.

Dünya Atay is an illustrator & muralist from Istanbul, based in Den Haag. Dünya painted 3 collaborative murals in Den Haag city, most memorable one is the 17-meter wall located in Grote Markt. She also works as an all-around designer in textiles.
“Creation is my secret place where I can express myself without any boundaries, translate my inner vision to the outer world and play god. It is my own language; direct, energetic, childish, dream-like, absurd, not so serious. A kingdom of my own, where there are no powers trying to oppress, dominate, command, or rule me. As a goal, I try to evoke strangely similar feelings and thoroughly enjoy the way I make people feel. I like playing around with the reflections of reality, I like destroying and reshaping it. My way of communication is bold and simple. I switch between styles when I change medium. This occurs naturally and that’s why I’m not bound to a certain style. Most of the time I choose the sarcastic and fun way. I opt for free association. Each project is multilayered in terms of media, materials, and themes. Therefore I shy away from adopting a strict focus on a single subject, a single point of view, and a single technique. The mystery of the creative process provides happy coincidences, it’s a playground. I find it incredibly liberating that a project can be sparked by anything at any moment. A concerning event, a happy moment, or an influential sight signifies the potential to become a portrait series of friends, collages of victims of state violence, or the photos of a forest trip combined with illustrations. My creative process goes against the routine; I cherish being all over the place while working. Mistakes are proudly accepted. A simple sketch can turn into an in-depth project or a detailed drawing; there are neither restrictions nor hesitations. These days I am inspired by animal costumes, 70s interiors, and pastel colors.

Moving to the Netherlands is an important chapter in my life. It was really harsh on me in the beginning. Finding out your “new” community can be tough. As time went by I was able to open up, look around and connect. My network started to grow organically. Very happy to see where I am now – it was quite challenging, and I love challenges!”

Instagram @dunyaatay