Erwin Verkade is an artist based in The Hague. Since his graduation from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, he spends most of his days in the creative arts, balancing between commissioned assignments and autonomous projects.

Erwin’s art is his way of communicating with himself and his audience about the elements of the everyday. One of his most common narratives is the interplay of departure/arrival. Erwin explores the continuation and distance between departure and arrival. He plays with and re-invent these ideas, resulting in an artistic expression characterized by its minimalistic serenity. It is within his work that he hopes to create a sense of connectivity between the viewer and his artwork.

Erwin draws inspiration from medieval art, Japanese woodcut prints, stained glass artwork, and the symbolism of ancient art forms. Combined with his choices of subtle colors and a variety of materials, ranging from paint, epoxy, and wood, his work re-interprets the every day in a distinctive style.

His recent projects include commissioned murals for Museum Panorama Mesdag, Ministry of Social Affairs, and Employment. But also Hotel lobbies, Restaurants and offices.
Illustrations & Graphic design for different applications, and commissioned paintings. Next to these assignments, Erwin has been experimenting with prints, conceptual paintings, still life compositions, and lightboxes. His latest series, nicknamed the “opa lightboxes”, draws inspiration from both the past and the present.

Instagram @erwin_verkade