As everything in the universe is always in motion and vibrating in its own frequency, something can appear still but it never is. Niels Weerheim is in pursuit of a neverending attempt to capture the movement. The tension between the intention of creating the visual and the already knowing it is impossible always keeps him challenged of coming as close as possible.

The way he puts the paint on canvas is very intuitive. Like the motion which is moving like the world, there is a confrontation with the unexpected which brings new surprises. Sometimes pleasant, but also very honest and confrontational. A moment where nothing interferes between the inspiration from the inner and outer world. Like a mirror what you see is what you are, he encourages the audience to see for themselves what it is and have a unique experience.

The moment the painting is done, it is already something of the past, it is a memory. In his newer works, he added extra dimension by cutting the base layer into multiple parts with different angles and levels. It is the embodiment of memory because memory is always different in your head than the actual event that happened. We as humans tend to see things more beautiful or more ugly as things happened or will happen. It is a human trait of the conscious mind. While actually the unconscious mind takes 95% of the decisions and has endless memory storage.

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Interview 3voor12 (in Dutch)